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Those Were The Days - by Richard de Candole

“Turning trash into treasurer”

One of the first times I volunteered on the fairgrounds was to help split and nail shakes to the roof of the amusement shed being built by the fire hall (See photo). I was in my late teens and my dad had recently joined the board of directors. There haven’t been many years since then when I haven’t been involved in some way. I’ve performed at the award’s night talent show, read announcements over the PA during the fair and helped man the entrance gate, entered vegetables, fruits, eggs, wine and goats in the fair competition, driven the shuttle bus, washed dishes at the fall supper and for the last 10 years or so served on the board.

Strange as it may seem for a 100-year-old organization this month we’re holding what I believe is the first ever garage sale. Like every non-profit group these days we’re scrambling for money to pay the bills. The COVID pandemic has meant there has been no rental revenue for nearly seven months. To be honest I didn’t think I personally had much to contribute to the sale but when I mentioned it to my wife Wendy she asked if I’d looked in the basement lately – boxes of no longer used stuff plugging up the shelves and household furnishings covering much of the floor. We had mini work bee and a lot of it has now been discarded or recycled but as the accompanying photo shows – there are a few “treasurers” on the way to the sale on Sept. 12.

If you can help out as a seller call 250-248-4458 or if you’re a buyer mark the date on your calendar. I’ll be there to take your money!

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