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With the commitment and hard work of hundreds of dedicated members and volunteers since 1913 when our first fair was held, we have grown significantly as an organization. We now own 10 acres with two major community halls and several smaller halls and barns, a riding ring and an outdoor music stage.  
As per our constitution, our mandate as an organization is to foster community spirit; to promote cultivation of the soil and general development of agricultural resources; to facilitate, directly or through other associations, the education and personal development of people of all ages in agricultural and farming activities; and to conduct an agricultural fair and exhibit. 

Today, our member driven not-for-profit Association is home to a variety of social and recreational activities and events on our property, and we are responsible for maintaining and operating the Coombs Fairgrounds on a year-round basis.  

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Free admission to the Coombs Fair

Your membership shows the support we have in our community, which in turn helps us when applying for provincial and community grants

Membership entitles you to a vote at our Annual General Meeting in February, and makes you eligible to run for a position on our Board of Directors

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