About Us

Arrowsmith Agricultural Association

The Arrowsmith Agricultural Association (AAA) is a registered charity and non-profit society with roots back to 1913, when district farmers held the first Coombs Fall Fair to showcase local food crops and livestock. The society conducts the annual Coombs Fair and manages the fairgrounds.

Our Association serves the Oceanside area (School District 69) of central Vancouver Island, including the communities of Parksville, Qualicum Beach, Coombs, Errington, Hilliers, Whiskey Creek, Meadowood, French Creek, Qualicum Bay, Bowser, Horne Lake, Deep Bay, and Nanoose Bay. We are governed by a volunteer board of directors who bring a wide variety of valuable skills to each new project.

Through careful management, the Association has added to its holdings, and it owns the fair grounds and buildings. We even lease, for a nominal fee, a portion of our land with a building to the Coombs Volunteer Fire Department. Throughout the year,  our facilities are available for use by community groups, private individuals and private corporations. We are an organization with an extremely good track record and solid community support.


The Purpose of our Arrowsmith Agricultural Association is to:

a) to foster community spirit;

b) to promote cultivation of the soil and general development of agricultural resources;

c) to facilitate, directly or through other associations, the education and personal development of people of all ages in agricultural and farming activities;

d) to conduct an agricultural fair and exhibition.

(e) to lease, purchase or otherwise acquire land and personal property and to
improve and develop or lease and sublet the land and personal property for the
advancement of the Society’s purpose.



We welcome you to join us and become part of the team that is shaping the future of our organization, our property and our role in our community.

Our Board meets at 7:00 pm at the fair grounds office on the third Tuesday of the month from January through November. Members are always welcome. Our meetings are temporarily being held via ZOOM, please contact the office for details on attending.